By far the best guitar luthier in Las Vegas!!

By far the best guitar luthier in Las Vegas… and probably everywhere else.  Teresa pays such close attention to detail, she explains everything in detail,  what she is going to do to fix your guitar. She was able to fix my Strat when other guitar shops told me that my guitar needed a new neck.  All it needed was an $85 set up!  She saved me $500.   There’s a reason why she has limited space available.  If you get a chance to make an appointment with her, take it!

Davey. G

Our primary guitar tech… she is one of the best in town!!

Teresa is top-notch.  We have used her as our primary guitar tech for over a year now and she is one of the best in town.  She works on everything from Lowden Guitar to PRS.  Nothing but compliments from our customers.  We at HBG have incredibly high standards which is why having Teresa as our tech is a must.   She also runs her own shop so she stays very busy.  We highly recommend this honest and very talented luthier. Teresa rocks! 

Heartbreaker Guitars, Las Vegas, NV

“Teresa Topaz is the gold standard”

Teresa is the gold standard not only for guitar repair but as a person she repaired my Martin that had numerous problems also set up my Sigma guitar. She’s down to earth and even will show you ways to care for your instrument. Topaz is prompt and keeps you updated on your repair in other words she’s trustworthy and kind and good at what she does and deserves your business. I recommend her highly!!

Donny. B

She knows her craft… acoustic or electric… She is the best!

Cannot say enough about this lady. She is a master luthier and an all around great person. She goes above and beyond for us every time. She knows her craft… acoustic or electric… She is the best!! Skip the other places and call her first! You will not be disappointed!! Thank you TT!!

Kristen. H

“It’s truly a joy to see an expert at their craft”

Guitar tech specialist Teresa Topaz.  We have 5 guitars in the family ranging from the beater to the priceless, and Teresa has done life-changing magic on each of them.  From setup to restring to  repairs to sealing signatures, her tech work on the instruments brought each to a new level (our playing too! they sound amazing!). It’s truly a joy to see an expert at their craft, and Teresa is not only expert, but also incredibly generous in sharing that expertise.  She inspired and educated my guiter-mad 16 year old son, teaching him to re-string his Fender Strat and when and how he should care for it both daily and long term.  She talked straight to him, letting him know that as a musician, he should know and care for his instrument, and just how to do that and how she would help. Respect. We started with one guitar and were so thrilled with the results we brought in all 5 over the next month.  Teresa treated each like a treasure and thoroughly impressed us with her approach, communication, advice and results.    We’ll be back regularly!

Sarah. S

Get your guitars in there soon!

She is the best. She repaired my Turner Renaissance Lefty and was extremely thorough in explaining the importance of humidity control in the Las Vegas heat for my guitars (recently moved from CA). She followed up with me during the whole process and it was a pleasure meeting someone so devoted to the craft and her love of being a musician. Would highly recommend her. I’m sure her business will continue to expand, so get your guitars in there soon!

Scott. B

“You cannot go wrong with Topaz!”

I was looking for an experienced guitar shop to set up my new guitar, and fortunately, I found Topaz. Theresa is amazing. The knowledge and experience she has is impressive. And the work she did for me was nothing short of amazing. The set up was perfect. She even picked up and delivered my guitar to my door! And offered adjustments for free if needed. The fact that she is a guitar player herself is even better. You know that you’re trusting your instrument to someone who knows what she’s doing. I will be calling her for ALL my guitar work from now on. And the prices she charges are in line or better than any competition. You cannot go wrong with Topaz!


“I struck Gold with Topaz Guitar Repair”

I struck Gold with Topaz Guitar Repair..After a stellar set up on my Taylor; Teresa breathed new life into an old Sigma 12 string of mine. A hardware upgrade, neck adjustment, strings, rehydration. What a transformation in sound and ease of play. If a certified experienced Luthier in Vegas is what you need; then Topaz is Golden.

Ward. B

Experienced, knowledgeable, personable, and professional

Absolutely fantastic service for repair and setup.  Experienced, knowledgeable, personable, and professional.  Teresa inspected my guitars, replaced faulty tuners, corrected the action/setup my guitars, and gave me valuable advice for my next instrument.  Highly recommend!

Kathy. W

“It’s better than new!”

Brought my ’92 standard Strat into Teresa for set-up and to replace the output jack. (Last set-up done in 2004) This is my main axe and I can’t tell you how happy I am to have it back so nice! It’s as if the sound is cleaner and more precise; and the action is better than I think I’ve ever had it. Thank you Teresa Topaz – like I said, it’s better than new!

Michael. C

“Sounding better than it has in a looooooong time!”

Teresa Topaz, guitar tech & specialist, is fantastic at what she does. I brought her my Taylor acoustic that was having some grounding issues in it’s expression system. She diagnosed the problem, did the repair, gave my guitar a full setup, and it is sounding better than it has in a looooooong time! She was also super responsive, open to questions, and gave me some great advice on general guitar care. I got the sense that Teresa really cares about helping me get my guitar in great condition and keep it there, and not just the repair, which was really awesome to feel. Teresa goes above and beyond, I’m definitely bringing my guitar back in the future!- Matt. H

“Nothing but spectacular things to say about the jobs she has done”

I want to give a shout out for Teresa Topaz, She is a fabulous musician in her own right (google her), and on top of that she knows every aspect of the physical characteristics of so many instruments. She has serviced three of my guitars and I have nothing but spectacular things to say about the jobs she has done. I had an expensive Martin Dreadnought guitar that was very tight and I didn’t like playing it, but and after she fixed it I feel like I have a brand-new guitar. She explains everything in detail and you can feel immediately how knowledgeable she is. On top of that she is such a warm and vivacious person. You can’t get better than this , whether you are a beginner or a professional musician.

Lenna. R