All Setups and Repairs include humidification to 50% during the length of stay in the shop. Can we say Spa Day?!! My job as a guitar tech is to help your guitar return back to what it was built for… to play!! I also sit with each individual client and go through how to maintain your instruments correctly at home, monthly and yearly maintenance and I include all truss rod and intonation adjustments needed after you have picked up your instrument for the following 6 months.

Restrings: Needed every month, conditioning your fretboard and a truss rod adjustment and intonation check.

Setups: Needed every 6 months minimum.

Humidity: Desired range- 45-55%. Requires humidification at home 24/7. Vegas is where instruments come to die in this desert. Musicians have to step up our home care to avoid the heartbreaking side effects that can happen due to lack of humidity. Most of what comes into my shop is avoidable with this added attention to detail. All consultations include information needed for home care of your guitars and instruments. If you need just an in-person consultation for advice on repairs on a guitar or stringed instrument or care without it being checked in, this service is also available.

Official Martin Guitar Care & Feeding Guide States: “Martin recommends that you keep your instrument’s humidity level between 45-55% and temperature between 72-77 degrees Fahrenheit. A rapid change in temperature or exposure to cold can cause small cracks in the finish”

Acoustic Guitar Setups:

  • Humidified to 50%
  • Remove old strings
  • Condition fretboard
  • Buff frets
  • Clean nut slots, and lubricate,
  • Tuners are lubricated, tightened, and then polished
  • Bridge is conditioned
  • Sadde is checked for any leaning issues, handed sanded to lower action at the request of the client, and optional depending on playing style.
  • Pickup/preamp cleaned with contact cleaner & output jack.
  • Bridge pins assessed for proper seating on bridge, corrected if need be (Humidity-related issue)
  • Restrung with the proper gauge of string, tuned to the desired pitch, and strings stretched.
  • Truss Rod adjustment & Intonation
  • Pickup is adjusted as needed
  • Instrument polished
  • The Beauty Mask: Wet sand, buff and finish to make your guitar look brand new and remove any minor scratch marks, age, or swirl marks (Added repair labor cost for this service in addition of setup cost)

Electric Guitar/Bass Setup:

  • Humidified to 50%
  • Remove old strings
  • Condition fretboard
  • Buff frets
  • Clean nut slots, and lubricate,
  • Tuners are lubricated, tightened, and then polished
  • String tree gently sanded underneath and lubricated
  • 3/5 way, Toggle switch and output jack cleaned with a contact cleaner
  • All bridge components are oiled and then polished by hand
  • Pickguard screws and strap buttons tightened
  • Active: Battery replacement with Duracell
  • Restrung with the proper gauge of string, tuned to desired pitch, and strings stretched
  • Truss Rod adjustment & Intonation
  • Pickups are adjusted as needed
  • instrument polished


Hard tail , Les Paul telecasters, non-vintage Strats, basic 4 string basses, acoustic guitars, and resonators


Vintage Strats, Jaguar, Jazzmasters, Bigsbys, Classical, 7 string electric, 5 & 6 string basses, mandolin, and Archtop guitars


Floyd rose, 12 strings, Rickenbacker, upright basses, and specialty instruments

Fret Level & Setup

Fret Levels, Crown Dress, and Polish are very common repairs needed here in Sin City. Lack of humidity causes the boards to shrink in size, exposing the fret ends ( Sprouting), and can even cause the frets themselves to raise unevenly. It’s more common to see this service than not here due to the dryness in the environment. Fret levels are mostly known in general to be needed from worn down frets as your strings push into the Nickle frets while playing and over time causes indentations in each fret…This will cause intonation issues.

Each city and its environment will have its own ways it affects instruments and there are no 2 instruments identical, each cut of wood is custom and has its own voice. Proper care is especially important in a dry desert like the one we call home in Las Vegas, NV.

Fret Level, Crown Dress, Polish & Setup Repair

Structural & Restoration Repairs

Structural Damage Repairs offered

  • Cracked Fretboards
  • Lifting bridges
  • Lifting binding
  • Soundboard cracks
  • Fretboard separation
  • Broken headstocks
  • Lifting inlays
  • & more

Sin City at its best…look what Vegas broke!!

Please text or email pictures of your repair needs to 415.497.7668 or [email protected] in addition to scheduling your repair appointment or consultation


  • Vintage Restorations, let’s bring your instrument back from the dead
  • Official appraisals on letterhead and includes detailed photos, neck, body, and electronic dating, serial number authentication, specs listed, and photos listed. This option is ideal for insurance purposes, selling, and authenticating the value of your instrument.