1965 Martin 00028C


On consignment is this beautiful 1965 Martin 000 28C Nylon in mint condition. A wonderfully preserved, crack-free 12 fret 000-28 Martin, with gorgeous Brazilian rosewood back and sides. This guitar is in beautiful condition and has been very well taken care of. Of all of the vintage guitars I have seen over the years, I have never been more impressed by one in this type of mint condition for its age!


Martin guitars made prior to 1928 were made for gut strings, even though they don’t closely resemble the Spanish tradition of Classical guitars. In 1936, Martin launched the G-series as an attempt to offer a classical option. But while their wide fingerboard, slot head, and 12-fret neck might look convincing, most G-series guitars were X-braced, so they didn’t exactly scratch the classical itch.


In 1962, Martin launched the C-series as its first earnest attempt to build guitars that could keep up with classical players more familiar with Spanish-made instruments. The 000-28C was the flagship model, and it featured classical-appropriate fan bracing, a wide bridge with rounded ends, 12-frets clear of the body, and 25.4″ scale. While the Martin brand has largely relied on the X-bracing innovation since the 1840s, the 000-28C captures the response, dynamics, and volume of handmade instruments built in the Spanish tradition. Nevertheless, its Brazilian Rosewood back and sides and matching Style-28 appointments are decidedly Martin. These guitars were also built with every bit of the commitment to quality and integrity we expect from Martin. Ultimately, only 560 000-28Cs were ever made. In 1966, the model was phased out in favor of the smaller 00-28C, which used less Brazilian Rosewood. Because of that, this wider, deeper-sounding 000 is exceedingly rare.


Tech Notes: Serial and age have been verified by Martin and Teresa Topaz (Martin certified tech, Nevada)This Martin has been setup by TGR, all frets are level, dressed, and polished. Upon purchase, this guitar will be restrung and strings stretched to pitch. Please call 415.497.7668 with any questions or email [email protected].



Finish Details: Natural
Body Material: Brazilian Rosewood back and sides
Body Details: Martin 12 fret body
Body Style: 00028C
Bracing:  Classical-appropriate fan bracing
Nut Width ¬†2″ Inches
Fingerboard Material: Ebony
Weight: 3.5lbs
Scale Length: 25.5″ Inches
Tuners Martin
Case Hardcase
Electronics: NA
Hardware: Original


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